Why I Support Independence

My name is Jim. I am 75 years young and have always believed that Scotland should be an independent Nation. I feel as strongly about it today as I did 50 years ago. Now, however, I find I want it even more for my children and grandchildren than I do for myself.

Decisions about Scotland’s future must be made by the people of Scotland. The time is long overdue for Scots to step up to the plate and show that we can be a successful independent nation again. We can continue to display the qualities of leadership, ingenuity, entrepreneurship and egalitarianism that have been Scotland’s positive contribution to the world.

I was a senior executive in the world’s largest multinational company and travelled the world extensively. Everywhere I went, as soon as it became known I was Scottish, I was received with genuine warmth and affection. Scots have played key roles in many independent countries around the globe. As Scotland moves towards 2014, global markets are becoming increasingly aware of “Brand Scotland” and major companies are continuing to invest in Scotland.

We have already shown the world what generations of Scots with imagination, talent and energy, can achieve. Should we not also use these same attributes when it comes to our own future? Independence offers our youngsters the opportunity to help shape the future of their own country.

For me, only independence can allow us to pursue a truly ethical foreign policy and avoid the folly of illegal wars – not to mention the abomination of nuclear weaponry some 30 miles from our largest city. I have stood in the Peace Park in Hiroshima at the very epicentre of the atomic blast. This was the most profound experience of my life. I firmly believe that every politician in the world should stand on that very spot and reflect very carefully their position on nuclear/atomic weapons.

Full control of our economy will allow us to make choices about the future direction of our nation. For sure, we will make mistakes – but they will be our mistakes and we will take full responsibility for them. Overall, I know we have the resources and the talents to make Scotland a fairer and more just society.

Being an independent country is as much to do with how we feel in our hearts and minds as it is to do with the economy. This will be a huge decision for Scotland and it must not be taken lightly. We need to know the facts in order to make an informed decision and not be influenced by scaremongering or false propaganda. I see no reason why Scots, of any political persuasion, when they assess independence objectively and emotionally, can come to any conclusion other than that Scotland should regain its status as an independent Nation.

Interestingly there are 19 countries with smaller populations than the UK in the top 25 wealthiest countries and 10 countries with smaller populations than Scotland even if extra-regio activity is excluded.

I am convinced therefore that Scotland like the UK would be in the top 25 countries in terms of wealth as defined by GDP per capita.

My belief that "Small is Beautiful" is confirmed by at least 8 countries that have smaller populations than Scotland but that are wealthier than Scotland. Not many people will be aware that top of the Table in terms of wealth is Luxembourg with a GDP per capita of $US 114,508 and a population of only 517,000 - probably reflecting a high proportion of European Union personnel with exceedingly high salaries and expenses. Second on the list is Norway with a GDP per capita of $US 98,102 and a population of 4.952 m - i.e. Norway has a smaller population than Scotland and is more than twice as wealthy.

Being independent means Scotland’s future destiny will be in our own hands.

I can see no reason why Scotland should not be independent.

Anyone can start today by signing the Yes Declaration:


Jim Arnott

Ambassador - Yes Scotland


  1. Great post Jim, bang on the money.

  2. Another good reason for independence-is,- that possibly, in England ,there does among the ordinary rank and file person ,be quite a lot of people who genuinely wish to leave the EU at any cost -Also the LIB DEM vote is crashing down south .and who could blame them for that -so if Ed Milliband does not appeal to voters due to his stance on Europe -then next government at Westminster could end up being a coalition of UKIP +CONSERVATIVE-what a nightmare that would be for Scotland !!

  3. After watching the movie "Stone of Destiny" Scotland's independance must come before Prince Charles becomes King! Scotland is in my blood & I support Independence

  4. "Everywhere I went, as soon as it became known I was Scottish, I was received with genuine warmth and affection". I can identify with this Jim, It was the same for me when I travelled the world.